Conversations with Harlina Sodhi, SVP at Reliance Industries, a change catalyst and Learning visionary

RD> You and I are more or less in the same age group (Well! I am older ha!) — do you think the way we learned and ways we were taught is different from the younger generation that is getting into the workforce? If yes, how different?
HS> It is completely different. The younger generation, in particular when you consider that places like in India and other emerging markets where the median age of an employee is 35 years, learn differently and want to be taught differently. For example, their attention span is short, (140 characters Twitter revolution), they learn on-the-go and they want to pull information when they need it in small chewable chunks. They want technology-enabled learning with streaming media, threaded conversations, blogs, games, simulations and not just a teacher delivering lectures and batch-based learning events.

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Leveraging Social Media in Learning

Law of the land rules…but enjoy heady rush of Gambling with Gamification.

As we head deeper into the feverish fervors of IPL 7, the story “Wanna bet on IPL and yet be safe” in Economic Times got me thinking. Cricket – which is at dizzyingly heights of adoration already is leaning heaving on the power of social media to break through new frontiers and take its fans far beyond “man or woman has ever gone before!” There are Twitter handles and Facebook pages, blog posts by many cricketers and very soon they will on Google Hangout pretty much like the recent Election debate by political parties. Traditional social media campaigns can help drive spikes in activity and traffic on social pages, but to create a sustained engagement, different approaches are needed. One such approach is Gamification which is what IPL is attempting to do….let’s watch that space for more….

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